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Church History


The Early Years (1903 - 1926)

A new Baptist church was established in Bryn Mawr. The First Baptist Church of Bryn Mawr was a white church, but their minister took part in the “setting apart” of which a predominantly African American was formed. The first seven years were devoted to building up the fledgling congregation from being a mission and preaching station into a congregation. This was no easy task so over these years there was a succession of pastors. One of these ministers was Joseph Green. It is uncertain when he assumed the pastorate, but it was during his ministry that the Second Baptist Church of Bryn Mawr applied for its charter. On May 4 1910, members applied to the Assembly of the Commonwealth to be registered as a Baptist Church. The charter was granted on June 10 and 35 believers became the charter members of the Second Baptist Church of Bryn Mawr. The next sixteen years saw steady growth under the ministries of the Reverends. Frank Mitchell, E. B. Harris and John Ruffin. However, it was a young Virginian, J. Arthur Younger who was called to the pulpit in 1926 and remained for fifty years who was to leave the most lasting impression on the congregation.

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